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Yamaguchi, Susumu, Ph.D.


Susumu Yamaguchi, Ph.D., is currently a professor of Social Psychology at the Graduate School of Humanities and Sociology, University of Tokyo (from 1987). He has previously taught at University of Air (1985-1987). He has also taught at universities in the U.S.: Hawaii at Manoa, (1995) and University of Michigan (2000). He has conducted research in indigenous, social, and cross-cultural psychology, focusing on expression of self-esteem, control orientation, and Japanese indigenous concept of amae. His articles have appeared in Psychological Science, Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology, Journal of Personality and Social Psychology among other international journals. He is a past president of the Asian Association of Social Psychology and Japanese Group Dynamics Association.

Selected Publications

Yamaguchi, S. & Ariizumi, Y. (2006).  Close interpersonal relationships among Japanese/ Amae as distinguished from attachment and dependence. In U. Kim, K-S. Yang, K-K. Hwang (Eds.), Indigenous and cultural psychology/ Understanding people in context (pp.163-174).  New York:Springer. PDF

Yamaguchi, S., Gelfand, M., Ohashi, M. M. & Zemba, Y. (2005). The Cultural psychology of control/ Illusions of personal versus collective control in the United State and Japan. Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology, 36, 750-761. PDF

Yamaguchi, S. (2004). Further clarifications of the concept of amae in relation to dependence and attachment. Human Development, 47, 28-33. PDF

Yamaguchi, S. (2001). Cultural and control orientations. In D. Matsuoto (Ed.), The handbook of culture and psychology (pp. 223-243).  New York: Oxford University Press. PDF