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Talwar, Gitika, Ph.D. candidate



I am a soon-to-be Community-Clinical Psychologist with a deep interest in facilitating interdisciplinary work with civilian survivors of armed conflict. My dissertation is about the migration experiences of people who migrated from Afghanistan to the U.S. and this dissertation has been the integration of many life and academic experiences. I am hoping this dissertation will also be an opportunity to find ways to take research back to the community from which it came.

This particular email address is the best way to reach me:

I am in the process of completing my PhD at University of Maryland Baltimore County. I moved from India to the U.S. in 2007 to attend graduate school in Maryland. When I think of cultural background now, I think International Student perpetually between cultures and not quite 'settled' on my answer to the inevitable question - "when do you think you'll go back?"

I look forward to participating in the group, wish I was attending the APA convention! But I am in Seattle, WA now (completing my Doctoral internship for the Clinical side of my Community- Clinical Psychology program).


I blog at: