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Rohde-Brown, Juliet, Ph.D.



Juliet Rohde-Brown, Ph.D. is the interim Chair of the doctoral program in clinical psychology at Antioch University Santa Barbara. She is a founding board member for Tierra Sagrada: Sacred Earth Foundation, a non-profit organization that works toward supporting elders in sharing wisdom and knowledge from various indigenous traditions. She is also a board member of Restorative Justice Resources, another non-profit organization that values diversity and alternative ways of working with conflict resolution. For as long as she can remember, she has honored that there are multiple ways of knowing and that there is much to learn from paths other than those imposed by Western colonization and mainstream models. She has worked within the field of psychology to bring indigenous voices forward. She has invited guests to the courses that she teaches and to presentations so that burgeoning psychologists may expand their understanding of what it is to be human by learning first hand from those who are holders of indigenous wisdom traditions. Her childhood in Hawaii has perhaps served as a primer for her interests in global cultures and ethnicities and for a deep appreciation of ecopsychological principles. Much of her interest and work has been in the area of forgiveness and spiritual practices, particularly the practices that emerge from the East and from Indigenous knowledge.

She credits her brain injured brother, John, as being her greatest teacher in regard to appreciating that there are layers of consciousness and aspects of the human condition that are yet to be acknowledged, or rather “remembered.” August 2013


Selected Publications:

Rohde-Brown, J. & Frain, B. (2013, July). Facing invisible dragons: An East West discussion on finding meaning with a sibling with developmental disability. Journal of Humanistic Psychology. DOI: 10.1177/0022167813491632

Rohde-Brown, J. (2012). What is forgiveness? Four conceptual models. In H. Levy & T. S. Yucel (Eds.). Probing the Boundaries Series: Vol. 172. Forgiveness: An interdisciplinary dialogue. From the 4 Forgiveness. Oxford: Interdisciplinary Press.

Rohde-Brown, J. & Rudestam, K. E. (2011). The role of forgiveness in divorce adjustment and the impact of affect. Journal of Divorce and Remarriage, 52 (2), 109-124.

Rohde-Brown, J. (2010). Imagine forgiveness: A guide for creating a joyful future. Bloomington, IN: iUniverse, Inc.

Rohde-Brown, J. (2008). A vision for psychology. Sutra – The Thread: Journal for Research on Education, Psychology, Traditional Sciences and Systems, Health and Consciousness, 1 ( 1), 118-123.

Rohde-Brown, J. (2007). Pan’s Labyrinth [Psychological review of the motion picture Pan’s Labyrinth]. Psychological Perspectives, 50, (1), 167- 169.