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Pantin, Genevieve, Ph.D.


Genevieve was born in the caribbean island of Trinidad in 1975 and
moved to London in 1994.  She graduated with a Bsc joint Hons in
Psychology and Anthropology from Brunel University in 2003 and is now a student at the NSPC in her 3rd year of a PHD in Psychotherapy.
Having served a research placement at the Australian National
University into Evolutionary Psychology and an engagement with Native Australian studies and personal travel and research in Japan she then wrote her undergrad thesis on a subject related to Japanese gift giving. Genevieve also spent a number of years in London designing programs for young people with behavioral issues and learning difficulties to work with horses in Kensington and Chelsea. During this time she was employed as a Corporate Anthropologist for a London based Management Consultancy where she developed IP based around learning from corporate practices in non western societies.  In 2004 Genevieve moved to Kenya where she assisted in the set up of an NGO in Nakuru and developed an exchange program for young people in an adjoining village to work in the equine industry at a  local game park. She was also involved in an initiative to raise awareness of Health issues in a catchment area in South Nyanza. While in Kenya Genevieve had an involvement with a Sudanese NGO start up aimed at working with ex child soldiers who were refuged in Kenya. Currently Genevieve works as the international HR Manager for a global Oil services company and continues to develop and run seminars in corporate anthropology for employees. She has a keen interest in indigenous practices and has been informed by being engaged with many cultural and tribal practices in Africa and Asia. Genevieve has proposed a doctoral thesis on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in a Cultural Context. She currently resides between Southern Spain and Dubai.

- Genevieve Pantin