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, Shilpa, Ph.D.


Shilpa Pandit is a researcher in Indian Psychology as it resonates with her being. This has meant that  she has never viewed Indian Psychology as dichotomous in terms of personal and professional, philosophical and applied and social and individual. Her work spans 23 years, where she has alternatively wandered and worked on diverse areas of teaching a bit on developmental psychology and some aspects of social psychology and  training and researching a lot on topics such as poverty, livelihoods, public policy relating to rural development, youth and adolescents engagement with work identity and skills, employability, gender as well as creativity, yoga and meditation and Rasa. She is a master trainer on Life skills and leadership, Youth Development, Gender, Life skills and Gender and Sexuality and has contributed to curricula on social accountability as well. She has been working on public policy relating to poverty and rural employment and is a founder of a volunteer driven NGO-Dreampath Foundation. Dreampath Foundation works with youth and life skills. Her Indian Psychology core informs all her work.

Specific to IP [Indian Psychology], her research concerns have been centering around duality and love that fills the spaces of duality in IP. To that end, she has researched on Bhakti Rasa and esp. vatsalya bhakti. She has also researched on yoga and meditation among adolescent and pre-adolescent children in the Indian schools. She has published a few papers. Currently, Shilpa is working as a research specialist with NGO-Hand in Hand India, in Chennai.