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Mohamed, Wael M.Y.  MD, PhD



Wael MY Mohamed, M.D., Ph.D., is a lecturer and head of Neuroscience/Psychology Unit, Clinical Pharmacology Department at Menoufiya Medical School, Egypt. He was born in Egypt, earned his MD and MSc from Menoufiya Medical School where he spent his residency in Neurosurgery department. Dr. Mohamed received a fellowship award from The Egyptian Ministry of Higher Education to get his PhD. He received his PhD (2011) in Neuroscience/Psychology from the Huck Institutes of Life Sciences, the Pennsylvania State University, USA. Where he earned a Research Fellowship from Hershey Medical Center at PA.

Dr. Mohamed’s work has been instrumental in demonstrating that Iron Deficiency early in life causes attention deficit in rats. As a research psychiatrist and scientist, Dr. Mohamed pioneered the development of iron deficiency animal model with the possibility of using new pharmacological treatment protocol. His studies have documented changes in the catecholaminergic system involved in attention process.

Dr. Mohamed has published several peer-reviewed articles and lot of open articles dealing with the professional development of neuroscience/psychology field in Egypt. During his professional career, Dr. mohamed ha been the recipient of multiple awards and, organized and attended many professional scientific meetings.

Research Interest:

-Iron Deficiency Rat Model
-Attention Set Shift Paradigm
-ADHD kids

Selected Publications

Mohamed, Wael M.Y (2012) Psychology in Egypt: Challenges and hopes. Psychology International.