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Kamens, Sarah, M. A. 


Sarah Kamens, M.A. is a doctoral student in clinical psychology at Fordham University, where she is studying phenomenology and qualitative research methods under Dr. Frederick Wertz. She is currently ABD at the European Graduate School in Switzerland, an interdisciplinary program with a focus on media theory. Her research interests include the reflexive investigation of clinical-diagnostic discourse and psychological/psychiatric models as an American exports. Her 2009 interview study with Palestinian mental health professionals addressed their experiential and personal views of Western psychologists working in the region. At present, she is working on a phenomenological-existential analysis of psychiatric discourse about the DSM-5.

Selected Publications

Kamens, S. R.  (April, 2011).  Being Present in Political Conflict Zones: Palestinian Perspectives on International Psychologists.  Paper presented at the 2011 Annual Conference of The Society for Humanistic Psychology: Humanistic Psychology:  In The World…On The Edge, Chicago, Illinois. Copy available upon request. PDF