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Lee, Bonnie,


Thank you for welcoming me to the Indigenous Psychology Task Force. By way of introduction, I am a Chinese Canadian, raised in Hong Kong and spent my adult life in the U.S. and Canada. Currently I am an Associate Professor in Health Sciences and I teach courses in addictions counselling, couple and family therapy, and health promotion.

I work with a systems orientation in my research and practice. So I am particularly interested in exploring the linkages between Chinese philosophy and systems thinking with concepts of interdependence, reciprocity and flow.

Since most of Asia had been colonized in the 19th and 20th centuries, I think we are entering a new era for Asian psychologists to own their cultural voice and the wisdom of their ancient cultures, philosophies and practices. Finding connection to and taking pride in one's cultural heritage and values is central to identity formation. In particular, in a global culture that is based largely on individualism and competition, I think a relational ethic has a lot to offer contemporary healing practices. I would like to hear what you think the relational aspects of your cultures can offer psychotherapy today.

Looking forward to conversations with the group!